jRAT 4.3.2_1
* Advanced builder bug fix
* Plugin install bug fix

jRAT 4.3.2
* Automatic updater, press Update when notified
* Key text field removed from add socket
* 300 seconds notification when not premium
* Advanced builder only if premium

jRAT 4.3.1
* Twitter in menubar added (twitter.com/java_rat)
* New icons
* Warns if port is used

jRAT 4.3
* All folders and files now in /files/ more structured
* Can see thumbnails when choosing monitor
* Performance frame more info
* Import key feature (KEY GOES IN /files/jrat.key NOW)
* Ping icon values changed
* File search icon placement fixed
* Windows delete file on uninstall re-made
* Prevent from running in VMware (More software to come)

jRAT 4.2.2_2
* Not being able to use plugins fixed
* .app for OS X

jRAT 4.2.2_1
* Encryption text fields removed
* Bug making all connections crash fixed

jRAT 4.2.2
* Grid color bug fixed
* FrameAbout back
* Better error explanations on connection fail
* New handshake and RSA handshake implemented, will not work with old versions
* jRAT will generate your key pair if it doesn't exist
* Encryption key references removed from build and sockets tab since this is dynamic now
* Monitor tab in control panel better
* Pick monitor from monitor setup when remote desktoping
* Active ports only executes on Windows
* Lots of under the hood changes

jRAT 4.2.1
* Small under the hood changes
* Non premium clients closes after 5 mins
* Ad frame removed, FrameAbout cleared
* Plugins working

jRAT 4.2
* New domains, everything moderned.
* Email support@jrat.su or support@jrat.io with payment proof and key file and it will be re-activated on the new service
* http://jrat.su http://jrat.io

jRAT 4.1.5_1
* Build fix

jRAT 4.1.5
* Remote screen remade, should be better
* Change remote screen settings on the fly
* Keyboard much better in remote screen, everything basically better
* Generate multiple keys easier
* Rename connection id bug fixed
* Small design "fixes" on some frames
* Server>Connection, Client>Controller
* ZKM support integrated for custom outputs.
Download ZKM and put ZKM.jar and ZKM.class in /files/zkm/
* Rest is under the hood fixes

jRAT 4.1.4_4
* Small global crash fix

jRAT 4.1.4_3
* Small plugin installation fix
* Small change to allow well requested plugin
* Sample Mode fixed

jRAT 4.1.4_2
* Plugin download/build bug fixed

jRAT 4.1.4_1
* Plugin gallery working

jRAT 4.1.4
* Ad for donations doesn't show if premium
* Now you can have multiple IP/DNS to connect to when building
* Redirect removed
* Online gallery now includes plugins (premium only)

jRAT 4.1.3
* Fixed a bug where over around 32 gigs of RAM would display incorrectly
* New graphical controls for performance frame and control panel, graphslib, http://github.com/redpois0n/graphslib/
* Drain CPU removed, useless feature
* Libs now loads from /files/lib/ instead of /files/
* Install Message not working now fixed
* Debug Info now includes os version and os arch
* Executable output improved a lot from what it was before

jRAT 4.1.2_1
* Install in root / c drive fixed
* Install in root / c drive is now not default
* Update button fixed

jRAT 4.1.2
* KL plugin tries to enable assistive devices on OSX BEFORE hooking
* 2500 actions buffer in KL plugin
* Webcam quality 0,25 - 0,75 (Quality slider next small update)
* Delay in Installer.jar fixed
* Create LaunchAgents folder on OSX if doesn't exist (Prevents problems on many machines)
* File Manager download now has default filename
* Executable output will end with .exe automatically
* Install in root drive (C:\ or /)
* Quality now working in remote screen again (slider when viewing soon)
* Quick Remote Screen overflow fixed
* Text to Speech (Speech) fixed
* Run Command now also opens files
* USB "Spread" removed
* Geo Location fixed

If support is needed, or bugs to report, please sumbit a ticket at http://www.jrat.pro/support.php

jRAT 4.1.1
* Quick update to fix auth, actually not complete one planned
* File Transfer upload fixed
* Safer updating & downloading, asks for file type, tested on ge.tt
* Argument added
* To be continued.... in a few days

jRAT 4.1
* Remote Desktop out of memory FIXED
* Webcam faster, lower quality
* Sound capture working
* Now startups correctly if ran as root on Mac OSX
* Remote Screen now (a bit) faster
* Resize remote screen (50% smaller default)
* Keylogger working on OSX 10.8.3 without root needed (First time may need root to enable accessive devices, jRAT will do this for you)
* Keylogger works without root on Linux (Ubuntu tested)
* OnStart method instead of onEnable for plugins

To fix:

* Stats/ProgressBar in remote screen
* Win XP startup

jRAT 4.0.3_1
* Changelog ontop small bug fixed

jRAT 4.0.3
* Remote Screen now works continuosly together with other actions
* Sound capture fixed
* .exe output not recommended
* Important message when generating key
* Works on Windows XP
* Minecraft stealer removed due to being outdated and not used good
* Small note on how to disable HTTP question dialogs
* Update warning about not loosing jrat.key

More bug fix updates in the very near future

jRAT 4.0.2
* Update from URL improved/fixed
* Thumbnail bug fixed

Small bug fix update, need ideas for further updates


jRAT 4.0.1
Small update

* Generate key in main frame (Main>Generate key)
* Remote file fixes
* Hebrew & Chinese browsing confirmed working, working on other languages
* Control Panel close bug
* Upgrade menu item

jRAT 4.0
We are no longer in BETA!!

To purchase premium with Bitcoins you can send a contact email to contact@redpois0n.com

Please note that jRAT Limited(Free) has 5 connection limit and forced tray icon

Other changes:

* Plugin packet fixes
* Flood removed permanently
* Text to Speech improved
* ID added for premium

jRAT 3.4.1
* Memory leaks fixed or atleast improved for now with remote screen and file transfer
* Contributors and donators now lists
* LAN Computers in CP has icon
* Remote Registry improved
* Thumbnail preview now supports transparency
* Linux icon fix

jRAT 3.4
* Online plugin gallery, many many plugins to come! (contact to add your plugin)
* UniqueID for future licensing
* Building with stub plugins is better
* Preview plugin frames
* Still starts if website offline
* View antivirus, firewall (windows only)
* Extractor added to website for more simple installing
* Better design

Bugfixes to come and we would like more developers to sumbit plugins.

jRAT 3.3_3
Old connections and plugins should work.

* API fixes and changes
* Example API: https://github.com/redpois0n/jRAT-Example-Plugin

jRAT 3.3_2
* Date null pointer fixed

jRAT 3.3_1
* Critical control panel bug fixed
* Changelog now displays in HTML, shows all logs
* Persistance now works on Linux
* File transfers now compresses using GZip
* Will ask for directory if launched in home dir (double click)

jRAT 3.3

* NEW DOMAIN, jrat.pro
* Text Protocol > Binary Protocol
* More faster and stable
* Load key and password from opened sockets
* Plugin renderer fixed
* API fixes, improvements
* Flood re-added (better)
* Control Panel Loaded Plugins columns fixed
* Ping timeout problem if big transfer is occuring
* More compression in work

jRAT 3.2.5_1
* Binder working (again)
* Compression on remote screen, soon to be more
* Annoying bug with ping fixed

Major thing planned: Protocol change.

jRAT 3.2.5
* Now installs successfully on Linux. Tested on Ubuntu with GNOME.
* Flood hidden
* Optionable encryption to support languages such as Russian, Arabic, Chinese
* Encryption changed to AES with 128 bit key
* LR donations removed, LTC added
* Using IP2C library to get geo location (Selected by default)
* Binder working
* Proxy added
* Frame for installing plugins removed
* Using .bookmarks, .settings in config files

jRAT 3.2.4
No special changes. Should be a bit backwards compatible.

API changed.

Timeout now default. Should now work more stable.

Plugins broken.

Quick Remote Desktop added

Fix for plugin loading fail, use Do not load classes

Other small fixes

Works with

Sound capture fixed (hopefully) and tested

Plugins from works

Better execution methods

This is not compatible with previous plugins. Small fixes.

Should be backwards compatible. Plugins out and working good.

jRAT 3.2.3_4
Works with 3.2.3_3 (backwards compatible one version)
API ready for plugins

Note: Bash/Shell Script scripting not working

jRAT 3.2.3_3
Uninstall now removes jar (test, better on mac than windows)
API functional
Paid plugins soon

jRAT 3.2.3_2
The old version URL will stop work soon (changed version.php to version.txt)

Please update ASAP.

jRAT 3.2.3_1
3.2.3_1 changes: (protocol changed, not backwards compatible)


Encryption readded (forgot after last rewrite)
Logging added
Testing another network method
Many things changed in protocol, many features working again

jRAT 3.2.3
Temporary release. Expect another in 24 hours.


Log broke
No encryption
Plugins broke (already was)

ETA on first 2: a few hours

jRAT 3.2.2_2
Advanced Build Error fixed

jRAT 3.2.2_1
No protocol things changed. Just line number tables added for debugging.

jRAT 3.2.2
Critical build and settings bug fixed

jRAT 3.2.1
Small bug fixes. API working.

jRAT 3.1
Full mac functionality. Does not work with previous jRAT versions (Not confirmed)

jRAT 2.3
Read the thread posted.

jRAT 2.2
Never written.

jRAT 2.1

The new version has a protocol change.

That means 2.1 cant work with 2.0 or below.

You have to build your server, in 2.1, then
open the old 2.0 client, and update the server, then when your done,
open the 2.1 client and watch the servers connect.

jRAT 2.0
Loads of new things. 50% more things.

Please remember to backup old files incase these will fail.

jRAT 1.2
find out yourself

jRAT 1.1
1.1 changelog:

Mac+Linux more functions working.
NOTE: Mac shows in taskbar
Multi IP support
ARME flood
Crazy mouse
Play sound from url
Better log (Not finished)

jRAT 1.0
Version 1.0 changelog: